Smurfs Characters

Grandma Smurfette

Hogatha turned herself into this Smurf by taking a magic bath, to capture Grandpa Smurf in a plot to win Queen Felicity's blessing to marry Prince Godfrey, by showing her something she had never seen before. In this form she retained her long, crooked nose. She got Grandpa's attention fleeing from her vulture Harold, and she introduced herself as Gandma Smurf after he rescued her. When she later kisses him, she reverted to her true form and captured him. She took him to Queen Felicity, but when she left him in a bird cage to go find the queen, he escaped using a key hidden in his beard and hid in the prince's cape before they returned. With nothing to show her, the queen threw Hogatha into the castle's moat. Shown in Season 6's episode "The Galant Smurf."
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