Welcome to my Characters Page! Here you will find information on many characrers, Smurf and Non-Smurf alike. I have gleaned the following information from various episides of The Smurfs animated television series from viewing them on Boomerang, CartoonLair, YouTube and DVD's released in the U.S. by Warner Home Video.

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Barber Smurf

A Smurf that wears a light gray coat with a comb tucked behind his ear, who trims Papa Smurf's beard and Smurfette's hair. Shown in Season 4's episode "Smurfette's Golden Tresses."

Grandma Smurfette

Hogatha turned herself into this Smurf by taking a magic bath, to capture Grandpa Smurf in a plot to win Queen Felicity's blessing to marry Prince Godfrey, by showing her something she had never seen before. In this form she retained her long, crooked nose. She got Grandpa's attention fleeing from her vulture Harold, and she introduced herself as Gandma Smurf after he rescued her. When she later kisses him, she reverted to her true form and captured him. She took him to Queen Felicity, but when she left him in a bird cage to go find the queen, he escaped using a key hidden in his beard and hid in the prince's cape before they returned. With nothing to show her, the queen threw Hogatha into the castle's moat. Shown in Season 6's episode "The Galant Smurf."

Snorty Smurf

Hogatha took a potion which turned her into this Smurf with no tail in a plot to get revenge on the Smurfs for making a fool out of her by destroying her Magic Amulet and and robbing her of one of her nine lives. Realizing she had no tail, she painted a pea blue and glued it to her rear. The first Smurf she happed upon in a Sarsaparilla Field was Vanity, who took her along with him to Smurf Village. During a dance celebration, which her snorting and clumsyness interrupted, Papa Smurf started calling her Snorty Smurf and told her she better go elsewhere until she learned to stop causing trouble. She tried to poison the Smurfs by putting Poison Root Rot in a pot of soup to "spice things up considerably," but later found she had placed the poison in a pot of dirty laundry. Stealing three of Jokey Smurf's Suprises, she sabotaged a newly made bridge. The surprises failed to explode when several Smurf's crossed the bridge, but they went off when Snorty crossed after them. After Hefty Smurf saved her when she fell into the river below the bridge, her fake tale later fell off. Clumsy Smurf found the tail and brought it to Papa, who announcd to the village there was a fake Smurf with a fake tail. Knowing she was discovered, she locked herself in Papa Smurf's Lab and began making a Magic Brew to return her to normal, planning to stamp the Smurfs out and squash them all. The Smurfs broke the door down as she swallowed the brew and returned to her true form, only she remained the size of a Smurf. She was escorted out of the village and released, her shrunken size a lesson to her to mend her evil ways. She ran off saying she would get even. Shown in Season 1's episode "The Fake Smurf."

Timber Smurf

A timberjack who prefers being in his camp instead of Smurf Villiage, he carefully selects which trees he cuts for the other Smurf’s needs. He makes special note whether each tree is too young or is inhabited by families of animals before he will take it down. After commanding which direction the tree will fall by yelling out “Timber!”, he gives thanks to it. He helped replinish the Smurf’s lumber supply to make emergency repairs after a fierce storm washed away their stored lumber. Shown in Season 7’s episode “Timber Smurf.”

Wooly  Smurf

A sheep wrangler, he goes to Molar Mountain, where human shepherds tend their flocks of sheep, every first night in Spring to collect wool for use in making Winter coats for his fellow Smurfs. Shown in Season 5’s episode “Wild And Wooly.”

Non Smurfs

Abominable Snowbeast

A very large creature that lives on Ice Mountain. Fell in love with Smurfette and rescued her from a big spider. He led the Smurfs to a hidden patch of Snowflowers, which they use the flower’s pollen to reduce swelling. Shown in Season 1’s episode "The Adominable Snowbeast."


An orange, male cat with a white belly and one of his ears had a torn spot near it's tip. He is Gargamel's constant companion and partner in crime, appearing to share his htred of Smurfs. He once accompanied his master as they disguised themselves as Harlequin The Great and his cat to trick Hogatha into giving him a magic whistle she claimed would attract Smufs from miles around, which turned out to be Hogatha's Bird Call. Another time he and Scruple tagged along with Gargamel as he tested his Smurfallergic Sniffer. Shown in Season 3's episode "Hogatha's Heartthrob" and in Season 6's episode "Head Over Hogatha."


A short, baby-like in appearance fellow with downy wings who carries a bow and a quiver of magical arrows. He tries to make pefect matches for couples who appear to love each other by shooting them with his Love Arrows, placing a Cupid's Spell on them, and he enjoys his work. Grandpa Smurf and Slouchy Smurfling look for him one Valentine's Day, knowing he was near because love was in the air. Startling him when Grandpa and Slouchy came across him in the forest, he missed his target and the ricocheting arrow hit Hogatha. Shown in Season 6's episode "Head Over Hogatha."

Fair Maiden

Hogatha disguised herself as this damsel in distress with a purple dress, hat and scarf over her face wearing a long-haired blonde wig, in an attempt to capture Grandpa Smurf in a plot to win Queen Felicity's blessing to marry Prince Godfrey. Claiming an evil wizard was holding her prisoner in a tower, she lowered her long hair out the window to Grandpa, but when he tried to climb up, her wig and scarf came off and he escaped, after she zapped his rear end with lightning from her fingertips. Shown in Season 6's episode "The Galant Smurf."


A crane friend of the Smurfs who often gives them a ride when they need transportation. He once carried four Smurfs to Hogatha's Castle so they could prevent her from giving a disguised Gargamel a whistle she claimed was a magic whistle that would attract Smufs from miles around, actually Hogatha's Bird Call. When Gargamel tried the whistle later, it attracted Feathers who, as luck would have it, was carrying the four Smurfs. Shown in Season 3's episode "Hogatha's Heartthrob."

Queen Felicity

Mother of Prince Godfrey. She oposed his desire to marry Precilla, a peasant girl beneith his royal standing. She would only give them her blessing to marry if Precilla could show her something she had never seen before, and that went for any other maiden in the kingdom. After hearing Precilla say in her heart Godfrey would always be heard, she slipped and said she'd never seen such true love before. Her son called her on it saying a deal's a deal and the couple rushed off to be married. When Hogatha showed Felicty the empty cage Grandpa Snurf had escaped from in attempt to show her something she had never seen before, the already angered queen threw Hogatha into the castle's moat. Shown in Season 6's episode "The Galant Smurf."

Prince Godfrey

A dark brown haired prince in love with and wanting to marry Precilla, a girl beneath his royal standing. Hogatha decided to sweep him off his feet and get the queen's blessing to marry him, by bringing her something she had never seen before, Grandpa Smurf. Shown in Season 6's episode "The Galant Smurf."


A vulure Hogtha uses as a mode of transportation. He is summond by Hogitha's Bird Call and spends most of his time on his perch in Hogatha's Castle. He also delivers her Witch And Warlocks Weekly. He once started to carry her to a planned to meeting with her sorcerer hero Harlequin The Great by flying straight to his castle, but he dropped due to her insults. He later farried his mistress when she gave chase to Gargamel after he had ticked her. Another time Harold accompanied Hogatha as she collected Valentine Goodies for Lizardo one Valentine's Day, and later carried the hemn of her wedding dress when she, under the influence of Cupid's Spell, tried to marry Gargamel. Shown in Season 3's episode "Hogatha's Heartthrob" and in Season 6's episode "Head Over Hogatha."

Harlequin The Great

A truly magnificent sorcerer who was Hogitha's hero. She thought they would make terrific magic if they got together. Hogatha planned to meet him by flying straight to his castle, a few leagues from her own castle, on her vulture, Harold, but wound up walking after he dropped her. After later freeing herself from a trap meant for Smurfs, Gargamel overheard her talking to herself about wanting to meet Harlequin and he claimed he was a very close friend of his. He agreed to arrange for her to meet her idol in exchange for a magic whistle, actually Hogatha's Bird Call, she claimed would attract Smufs from miles around. Gargamel disguised himself and Azrael and went to Hogatha's Castle, posing as Harlequin, to collect the whistle. When she kissed him and his fake beard came off and stuck to her, he took off with the whistle. Shown in Season 3's episode "Hogatha's Heartthrob."


A mean, old, troublemaking witch with no love for Smurfs. Her vulture Harold lives with her in Hogatha's Castle. She has no hair of her own and usually wears a curly red-haired wig. Shown in Season 1's episode "The Fake Smurf," in Season 3's episode "Hogatha's Heartthrob," in Season 4's episode "Smurfette's Golden Tresses" and in Season 6's episodes "The Galant Smurf" and "Head Over Hogatha."


A frog-like wizard with green skin and long blonde hair who wears goggle-like glasses and green clothes with blue boots and cape. He rides a lizard mount. Hogatha believed Lizardo was a wazard truly worthy of her love, different from all the others, who didn't love her for all her witchly powers but for herself and her natural beauty. He claimed that she enchanted him every day by wearing her beautiful hair in some new fashion. He discovered she was really bald as a bolder when she lost her beehive wig after she dove into a pond to avoid bees  that were after her hair, and he made himself magically teleport away, leaving her in the water. Another time Hogatha collects Valentine Goodies to give him in the hopes that he would shower her with kisses one Valentine's Day. Shown in Season 4's episode "Smurfette's Golden Tresses" and mentioned in Season 6's episode "Head Over Hogatha."

Mr. Hermit

A very handsom fair skinned imp that was cursed with the Curse of Loneliness by the Sea Witch for teasing her. Losing all his friends because of the effects of the curse, he became a hermit. To make things worse, the Sea Witch had her sea gulls prevent him from leaving the island. A group of Smurfs stumbled upon his hovel while exploring the beach and helped to free him of the curse. Shown in Season 5’s episode “Smurf A Mile In My Shoes.”


A young mer-boy and mer-girl. After a storm left Jokey Smurf adrift with the broken mast of the Smurf’s boat, lost during a storm at sea, he washed ashore on what he thought was an island only inhabited by sand crabs. These jokesters continually played pranks on Jokey and called him a blue crab. Shown in Season 5’s episode “Smurf A Mile In My Shoes.”


A poor, pitiful, pennyless peasant girl with light redish-brown hair in love with and wanting to marry Price Godfrey. She said she'd always love him, even until theday she died. Shown in Season 6's episode "The Galant Smurf."

The Sea Witch

A witch wearing a red dress with a tattered, sea green robe that lives on Smurfberry Island. She has command over sea gulls and placed the Curse of Loneliness on an unsuspecting imp for teasing her. Shown in Season 5’s episode “Smurf A Mile In My Shoes.” Birds that live on Smurfberries. One brought the Smurfs a message from Homnibus in Season 5’s episode “The Comet Is Coming.”
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