Smurfs Characters

Snorty Smurf

Hogatha took a potion which turned her into this Smurf with no tail in a plot to get revenge on the Smurfs for making a fool out of her by destroying her Magic Amulet and and robbing her of one of her nine lives. Realizing she had no tail, she painted a pea blue and glued it to her rear. The first Smurf she happed upon in a Sarsaparilla Field was Vanity, who took her along with him to Smurf Village. During a dance celebration, which her snorting and clumsyness interrupted, Papa Smurf started calling her Snorty Smurf and told her she better go elsewhere until she learned to stop causing trouble. She tried to poison the Smurfs by putting Poison Root Rot in a pot of soup to "spice things up considerably," but later found she had placed the poison in a pot of dirty laundry. Stealing three of Jokey Smurf's Suprises, she sabotaged a newly made bridge. The surprises failed to explode when several Smurf's crossed the bridge, but they went off when Snorty crossed after them. After Hefty Smurf saved her when she fell into the river below the bridge, her fake tale later fell off. Clumsy Smurf found the tail and brought it to Papa, who announcd to the village there was a fake Smurf with a fake tail. Knowing she was discovered, she locked herself in Papa Smurf's Lab and began making a Magic Brew to return her to normal, planning to stamp the Smurfs out and squash them all. The Smurfs broke the door down as she swallowed the brew and returned to her true form, only she remained the size of a Smurf. She was escorted out of the village and released, her shrunken size a lesson to her to mend her evil ways. She ran off saying she would get even. Shown in Season 1's episode "The Fake Smurf."
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